If you have a story to tell but don’t have the time or inclination to write it yourself, we will be very happy to write your book for you as if you were the author. This is likely to involve getting together a number of times over a period of months to interview you and take notes and recordings. Other information can be exchanged by phone and email.

We’ll make sure the interviews are a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you. Our writing experience enables us to write in the author’s own ‘voice’ so that the book will read authentically. It will be very much your book, from start to finish. You may simply wish to record the events of your life for friends and family, or you may have a more unusual story to tell, one which will be of interest to a wider readership. If this is the case we will focus on the aspects of your life which will help to make your story a compelling ‘read’. When the text is completed we’ll design a cover with impact and reader appeal, and help you to promote your book commercially if this is appropriate.

Compiling enough material for a book usually requires a number of interview sessions at your home, in our offices or at a suitably private and mutually convenient location. After each meeting we will write up the material and send you draft chapters for consideration, usually with supplementary questions and requests for additional detail. It may be helpful for us to speak to friends or relatives who can add information or quotes to the story. We will be happy to research additional background detail; for example if it is a war memoir we can look up details of regiments, engagements and locations referred to, or if you mention well-known people we can fill in the details about them.

If you are including pictures, we will go through these with you and discuss their suitability, helping you to make a final selection.

The ghostwriting service usually costs several thousand pounds (plus any expenses), according to the anticipated length of the book, the complexity of the story and the amount of time required for interviewing, research and writing. We will advise you of a budget after discussing your book with you. We will be happy to accept payment in stages.

If you can supply substantial written material, eg detailed notes of events in your life, this will reduce the cost, as fewer interview sessions will be needed. If you plan to tackle writing or part-writing the book yourself in rough form for us to turn into a polished manuscript, the cost will be lower again. We will be happy to guide you by giving advice on how to plan your book and compile material.


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